Fruitlands' fine art collection contains over 100 Hudson River School landscape paintings, more than 230 19th century vernacular portraits, textiles, and works on paper. The collection also contains silhouettes, mourning pictures, documents, framed textiles, and glass plate negatives.

The Hudson River School is generally thought to be the first identifiably American school of art. During the early 19th century artists like Penneman, Durand, Cole, and Fisher began painting natural scenes of America. Artists like Bierstadt and Church among others held fantastically popular art shows in New Your. Many of these early works featured areas in upper New York State, partly as advertising for the emerging tourist industry which attracted people from the city up the Hudson River.

Early 19th century vernacular portraits illustrate rural New Englanders and the bonds that had held rural communities together. We can find signs of the times in the portraits that were produced in rural New England between 1800 and 1850. The primitive portrait painters frequently included details that help us understand what their patrons valued and how their world was changing.

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