Magpie Tales Photo Prompt No.7-"A Year of Mourning"

A Year of Mourning

My heartache is renewed by a fresh pierce of pain
How will we ever face Christmas without you?
The season holds precious memories
This time is the hardest of all.
We will miss you more
Than one could imagine
As we approach the final stage
Of our first year of mourning.
January saw our tree slowly dying
As it lay neglected on the porch
Something you were spared
Your death not comprehensible.
Spring brought me daffodils from bulbs
You gave me that very last fall,
When they appeared, I cried out loud
And lay down in all that golden glory.
Mother's day shattered my emotions
While pounding the ground for your garden
A gift that would help to heal my soul.
Summer was long and steamy
I spent a week wandering
Old halls, calling for your ghost.
Autumn brought splendid colors
Sprinkled throughout my yard
I found I could not cope, it was just too hard.
Winter came with a sudden burst
Brilliant snow white, shining clear
That made me hurt for that last day
Of your last year on Earth.
New Year's eve descended, suddenly we were there
The anniversary of your death
We did not hurt any less
At the end of this year of mourning.

There was no doubt in my mind when I saw the lovely daffodil photo that I would have to use this poem. Daffodil bulbs were one of the last gifts I received from my mother in the Fall of 1994, and of course when they came up in the spring, after her death, it was the most amazing gift from heaven. I cannot look at daffodils without this memory. So, thus the reason for not writing a new poem for this Magpie. Thanks!
©Janice Stiles-Boults, poem, "A Year of Mourning", page twenty-four from the book "A Year of Mourning", previously published©1996, 1999, 2005.


  1. A beautiful poem written in the spirit of love and honor. There is great sadness in the words, but wonderful hope in the memories that each season offered...

    This is also a healing poem....

  2. I love lying down in "all that glory"! Her life was and still is an ongoing glory, one that the daffodils bring back home to you year after year. Thank you!

  3. Gone from my sight but not forgotten.
    A wonderful tribute -- it is a wise and an honorable thing to do in remembering those who have gone before us. My mother passed away on March 21st three years ago -- and both my Grand mothers passed during Easter in the month of March long ago.


  4. Such a beautiful poem - “ Death ends a life, not a relationship”.

  5. This is so lovely and such a wonderful memory, albeit sad. What a year you had...
    Write on... you have such a gift.


  6. Written, as all the best poems are, from the heart.

  7. Such startling memories brought forth in the prose. Beautiful poem, written, obviously from the heart, suffered seasons of pain. Everyone says that the pain grows less, but I believe it grows stronger with time. Not a bad thing for it brings out those wonderful pure memories and love so deeply felt.

  8. Sad, but wondrous. Thank you for sharing.

  9. It's a beautiful poem. I could felt sadness and renewal as well.

  10. A poignant gift and lovely tribute. Thank you.

  11. It doesn't hurt less after a year of mourning, does it? But after many years, it hurts less intensely. Nevertheless, the hole remains.

  12. Simply lovely .... may your mother's memory be eternal.

  13. Beautiful and poignant...lucky to have daffodils in your life!

  14. I absolutely loved that poem, though it brought my tears....thanks for posting it. Beautiful. I've experienced that first year of mourning; wonderful to have brightness of yellow sunny daffodils to light the mourning~

  15. Thank you for that wonderful tribute, Joan Tucker

  16. The eternal renewal of the daffodils -- a promise?

    Very lovely images!

  17. so beautiful! what a lovely reminder you have of your mother each spring!

  18. This is beautiful. I am sure you are comforted anew each spring as the daffodils come forth.

  19. Spring brought me daffodils from bulbs
    You gave me that very last fall,
    When they appeared, I cried out loud
    And lay down in all that golden glory.

    Ohhhhhh........ heartbreaking. This would have made your mother weep. Oh! Tears for you. Beautifully done.

  20. 15 years and still the emotional connection is so strong. I'm guilty of allowing time to create distance between myself and my emotional memory. I think anniversaries, particularly when they fall on key dates such as New Year, intensify that experience. Interestingly it is the ghost of my father who pervades this house. Very moving.

  21. a beautiful poem and lovely memory, heavy with loss...

  22. A gift to bring you ever more pleasant memories of your mom as the years pass and the daffodils continue to display rebirth. A great poem, but then I think all great poetry comes from deep within our most emotional selves.

  23. That pierce of pain comes unexpectedly even years later. It is good to know the daffodils can afford a little comfort. I am really moved by this.

  24. There is comfort in knowing that the sadness will one day turn to joy. The daffodil returns each year to remind you of your forever connection to your Mom. This is such a moving poem, truly from the deepest part of the heart. I am sure your Mom would want you to recall the many happy memories when you see this flower. I know I would want this for my daughter. Many blessings as you proceed through the grieving process. One day you will find the comfort and joy and find the peace that passes all understanding. Your Mom wants this for you. She wants more than anything for you to be happy. She loves you so much! "Love never dies."

  25. This is such a moving piece.

    I am a new visitor to your blog and I almost feel as though I walked in on a private conversation at the most inopportune time. I am truly sorry for your loss.

    Thank you for the lovely comment you left at my blog 'Talkin Kids'. If you're ever in need of a 'pick me up', please come to my blog and read a few of the posts. Children have the ability to make us all laugh - especially when we need it most. Thanks again.